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Aerial Yoga® is a fun, challenging workout routine combining aspects of Yoga, Pilates, Aerial Arts and Strength Training designed to increase strength, mobility, balance and flexibility, and you will have a great time while doing it! A total mind and body workout for those who want to combine fitness with FUN.


The class consists of floor work and aerial strengthening exercises, stretches and relaxation. The workout focuses around a low-lying soft fabric “trapeze” (called a “sling” or “hammock”) suspended from the ceiling to hip height. Aerial Yoga® makes use of the fabric sling to distribute the body weight between the floor and the sling, allowing a variety of strength-building, balance awareness, flexibility and core strength moves. The sling assists in particular with challenging yoga poses, supporting the body’s weight during poses, allowing the body to lengthen as it holds a pose, allows the practitioner to focus on alignment and uses gravity to deepen the stretch.

The sling supports the body during inverted poses, allowing the spine to lengthen as it bends resulting in reduced spinal compression in the pose. This decompression of the spine and joints leaves the body feeling taller.

The class is designed for most levels of fitness, with modifications offered for different levels of strength and flexibility.

We encourage people to stretch both their body and their mind. The knowledge that the sling is there to support you, encourages you to try poses you may not feel you could without that support.



  • Using the sling forces the core muscles to work
  • Increased upper body strength and tone
  • Reduced spinal compression during backbends
  • Hold challenging yoga poses and inversions for longer and correctly with the support of the sling
  • Stretch further and deeper with the aid of the sling
  • Decompression of joints and spine while aligning the vertebrae without the strain that gravity causes
  • Fun!

We are a member of YAI global yoga network