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Aerial Yoga South Africa

Aerial Yoga Trademark

Aerial Yoga® is a South African owned trademark as of September 2009. The South African Registrar of Trademarks issued the certificate on the 16 September 2009 and the certificate number is 2009/18248.

All Aerial Yoga® teachers are highly qualified and have to fulfill certain criteria before obtaining an Aerial Yoga® license, teaching certificate and before hosting an Aerial Yoga® class. By attending a class with a teacher that has the Aerial Yoga® license, the student knows that they are in safe, capable hands.

Any persons or companies wanting to utilise the aforementioned trademarks would have to undergo special training through the company Aerial Yoga CC and receive a license. Any persons or companies found to be utilising the trademark without having completed the Aerial Yoga® teacher training will be held liable for any damage to the brandname and any necessary legal action will be taken against them.

NB NOTE TO ALL AERIAL FITNESS STUDENTS: Please ensure that your instructors are correctly trained before attending any classes.

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